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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 10, 2010 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> i don't think i have time to tell you. >> bye, andy. lauren, bill, skunk, i'm greg gutfeld. over here. see you later. >> chris: i'm chris wallace in for bret baier and this is a fox news alert. you are looking at the airplane on which it is believed some or all of the four convicted and pardoned western spies have just arrived in the u.s. completing the journey from russia. the plane landed moments ago at dulles international airport in the washington area. their return completes the spy swap with echoes of the cold war that also sent ten russian agents who have been living here in the u.s. back to moscow. for a look at how it all went down today, here is correspondent david lee miller in new york. >> reporter: less than two weeks after they were arrested, ten convicted
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russian spies are now in moscow. without any fanfare, their plane touched down at one of the city's airports. for most on board, including anna chapman, it was a return home. but for vicky, polalles, likely to be a stop on her way to native peru. all expelled from the u.s. after pleading guilty to a single charge of conspiracy to act as foreign agent. in exchange for their release, russia set free four prisoner, three former kgb about and arms controlled researcher. four russian prisoners with flown to air force base in england where two of the russians were dropped off before the plane headed back to the u.s. a russian analyst said it was a lop-slided exchange of ten for four, the u.s. got the better deal. >> i think the swa was quite pragmatic for the united states. we gave up a spy ring here that didn't seem to do great damage to u.s. national security. in the exchange, we received
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a number of potentially, highly value russian intelligence officer. >> the freed were one who was convicted of spying for the u.s. alexander convicted of being a double agent. sergi, a former intelligence officer found guilty of spying for the u.k. and former k.g.b. major, an 89-year-old who was convicted of illegal weapons. it helped pave the way for improved u.s.-russian relations but unresolved the fate of metsos, money man for spy ring. after being released on bail in cyprus, he disappeared and is a fugitive. as the spy saga came to a close, we're learning that the president was released on jewel 11. two weeks before the arrest took place and that time, the spy swap was taken under consideration. u.s. came up with the names of the prisoners to be free in part on the health issues
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as well as the humanitarian concerns and for the children of the convicted russian spies, tonight authorities say they have left or are now in the process of leaving the u.s. >> chris: david lee, thank you. president obama rolled the political dice in vegas, hoping it will reinvigorate campaign of senator majority leader harry reid, but there is danger also, because republicans use president as negative for reid. major garrett has both sides of the story. >> president obama arrived in sin city and bet some of the political capital on demonizing republicans. >> we know how the movie ends if the other party is in charge. we are still living from the damage from the last time they bar in power. >> picking up is carnahan and president obama said he and
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harry reid found america's economy in a ditch. >> harry reid and i have mud on our shoes. we have been pushing and shoving. cars just getting out. >> republicans responded with a tv ad running in las vegas. >> barack obama and harry reid, they have bail-out, hand-out and takeover giving us a $1.25 trillion deficit, $13 trillion national debt, 14% unemployment for nevada. when it comes to nevada's economy, obama and reid are a bust. >> mr. obama knows times are tough and voters are ressive or angry, especially independents who moved steadily away from the president and pose biggest threat to democratic prospects in november. this week's fox news opinion dynamics poll showed mr. obama's approval rating among independents at 40%, down 14 percentage points from a year ago. the survey found 55% of independents said they are likely to vote for a republican this fall. also, 61% describe themselves as either disappointed or
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angry with mr. obama's administration. one way to win independents back, the white house officials say is for the president to portray republicans such as reid's opponent sharron angle as risky, unsettling. >> on a lot of issues she favors approach that's more extreme than republicans we have in washington. that's saying something. >> angle is running slightly ahead of reid, but mr. obama pounced on the recent description of the $20 b.p. oil spill compensation fund as "slush fund." angle later called the terminology "incorrect." >> i'm sure she meant slush fund in the nicest possible way. >> it's unclear whether or not independents will remain estranged from the obama white house throughout the election year. if they do, it could pose problems for white house and the legislative agenda moving forward. chris? >> major garrett, reporting from the white house. thanks. >> it appears west virginia governor joe manchin will make a run at the senate seat held by the late robert byrd.
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correspondent molly henneberg reports there is a lot of work to do before that can happen. >> west virginia democratic governor joe manchin intends to call the state legislature in special session next week to determine the process for filling the senate seat held by the late democratic senator robert byrd. the governor's legal counsel jonathan dean says the legislature has to clarify the wall because "no two lawyers agree when the election will take place or how the process will be handled." whenever the election might be, maybe in november, manchin who won the last governor's race with 70% of the vote said he will probably run. >> i need to make a decision very quick. i do highly consider doing that. absolutely. >> reporter: byrd held a senate seat for five decades, but west virginia win for republican john mccain in the 2008 presidential election. and g.o.p. leaders say the race could be a pick-up in the senate. >> this one could be the one that would actually give the republicans, majority or
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50/50 split. and you know, that is a tremendous shift in power. >> highest ranking republican in the state is five-term congresswoman shelly morcapido who has not said if she will run for the open seat. republicans say manchin would not stand up to president obama and the democrats cap-and-trade energy program, which would add more taxes to west virginia's coal mining industry. manchin who calls himself a centrist said he opposes cap-and-trade, and wants to find a balance in energy policy. >> make sure that we don't create havoc on the economic if you will until we find reliable, affordable fuel of the future. >> i expect he would have to bend to the party's wishes and to the president. >> unlike the senior senator byrd, whoever fills the seat will be a very junior senator and likely will not bring home the millions in earmarks that bird did. governor manchin may appoint someone to serve in the senate between now and the future elections.
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he tells fox he will not appoint himself. in washington, molly henneberg, fox news. >> chris: we have just learned that governor manchin has called that special session of the west virginia legislature for next thursday. protests in oakland, california, turned violent today. after -- rather, thursday, after jury convicted a former, a white former transit officer of involuntary manslaughter instead of murder in shooting death of an unarmed black man. police made 83 arrests. the verdict prompted a justice department promise to "conduct an independent review of the facts and circumstances" to determine whether the evidence warrants federal prosecution." local media published a letter from the man involved in the shooting saying he is sorry and wishes he could speak with members of the victim's family. well, one arab nation is going to extremes over those vuvuzelas at the world cup. we'll have that story on the
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grapevine. and the end could be in sight for the gulf oil spill.
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>> chris: b.p. engineers will try this weekend to put a new cap on the gulf oil spill that we're told could effectively contain all the oil. but the process of replacing the cap will let the crude flow freely into the water for a number of days. we have fox team coverage, senior correspondent brian wellson looks at whether the rewards of offshore drilling outweigh the risks but we begin with correspondent phil keating who shows us how technically challenging the next few weeks will be. >> for 11 weeks now, up to 60,000 barrels of oil a day and some estimate more than that have been spilling into the gulf of mexico. the oil collection and containment ships on the surface have been collecting about 25,000 barrels a day with a partial cap on the pipeline.
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b.p. and the government are ready to seal it entirely. it involves removing the existing cap saturday which means for three or four days oil and gas will escape in the gulf unchecked. after the pipe is recut for a more snug fit, a new dome-like cap will be lowered to the well head to seal it shut. while oil collection shifts above, we'll be able to double the amount of oil captured each day, plugging b.p.'s gusher permanently, to still rely on the relief well. intercepting the well at 18,000 feet down, cementing it shut and according to the plan, stopping the flow of oil in the gulf once and for all. >> it will be the middle of august until we actually cap the well. it could be sooner than that. we will be delighted if it would be. >> a new weapon is floating on the scene. delayed for days by storming weather, the air ship is now above alabama coastline, due to the slow speed and low altitude, eyes in the sky will better direct crews on the ground and in the water where to go to skim and
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collect oil and lay boom. in lake pontchartrain, near new orleans, men and women will absorbent towel wipe brown oil from the marshes, tediously cleaning blade after blade of bayou grass. >> it's frustrating. you want to see an end and do everything you can stop it. it's an everyday battle. >> admiral thad allen today restating his optimism if everything goes well and they have 7-10 days of good weather forecast by noaa ahead of them right now, if everything goes well, and the cap does work as snugly as they hope, that truly, if all of the oil gushing in the gulf of mexico could be captured, 100%, by the three surface ships on top. the helix producer being hooked up this weekend. updating you on the government's moratorium, which thefit circuit court of appeals ruled last night it denied the department of justice bid to keep moratorium in place pending the government full appeal
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beginning august 30, the department of interior believes the secretary still maintains an emergency stay in possible. and one of the concerns here is that other oil companies have no containment and response vessels available if another spill happened, because they're all tied up with the b.p. spill. >> chris: phil keating reporting from the gulf. thank you for that. the last 81 days we have had plenty of evidence of the downside of offshore drilling. tonight, senior correspondent brian wilson looks at whether the upside justifies that risk. >> reporter: the b.p. spill in the gulf may well be the worst ecological disaster in the history of the united states. when you see pictures like this or this, it's easy to wonder about the drilling, is it worth the risk? we have been drilling since the mid-'40s. there are more than 50,000 well holes punched in seabed off the u.s. coast. this more than 60 years of gulf drilling, the b.p. spill
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is the first major spill to occur in the u.s.-coastal waters of the gulf of mexico. >> up until this accident, since 1947, the spill rate in the gulf of mexico is 1/1,000th of 1% of all of the oil produced. they have had a stellar record. >> reporter: gulf of mexico proceeds 10.6% of the crude we use in america each day, roughly equal to the amount of crude we take in from canada, the single largest provider of imported crude. from the gulf crude collected each day, we produce roughly 31.2 million gallons of gasoline, enough to drive every car in america roughly nine miles. the same crude provided 6.5 million gallon of jet fuel, to fly a fully loaded 737 to the moon nine times. if you drove your car today or bought goods that were delivered by truck, or took a vacation flight to get away from it all, you benefitted from the drilling that occurs in the gulf of mexico. if that oil weren't there, it would have a dramatic impact
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on the u.s. economy. >> we want less prosperity. great way is replace oil. >> it would mean that three-quarters of the oil we use every day would have to be imported. we already import 64% of the oil. some may remember the oil shortages of 1973, long gasoline lines, skyrocketing prices. that occurred when opec held back 7% of the oil it had been sending. again, we currently get 10% of the crude from the gulf. clearly the b.p. spill is a disaster of the likes we have never seen, but to stop or significantly curtail drilling in the gulf could create an economic disaster. chris? >> chris: no easy answer here. thank you for that. mixed news from wholesalers today. inventory rose in may by half a percentage point but sales were down .3 of a point. stocks ended the week on a positive note. the dow gained 59. the s&p 500 added 7 3/4.
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nasdaq was up 21. legal experts say thursday's ruling by a judge in boston, that the federal law banning benefits for same-sex couples as unconstitutional could have a ripple effect. massachusetts was the first law to legalize gay marriage, now correspondent molly line reports that it may blaze another new trail. >> reporter: six years after massachusetts became the first state in the union to legalize gay marriage, u.s. district court judge in boston ruled portions of the federal defense of marriage act unconstitutional. doma defines marriage between man and woman but others say medicaid is denied for same-sex couples in a state where same-sex unions are legal. the judge said the law discriminates against the same-sex couples writing that "congress undertook the classification for the one purpose that lies entirely
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outside legislative bounds. to disadvantage a group of which it disapproves." the decisions were hailed by massachusetts attorney general martha cokely who filed one of the suits. >> i hope they show the progress toward the understanding of all that marriage equality is a civil rights issue. >> opponents are decrying the ruling saying it's another example of judicial activist. >> this decision is outrageous. this judge found that there is no reason whatsoever for marriage to be defined as a man and a woman. he's totally abrogated 10,000 years of recorded history for all cultures and all societies. >> the judge's decision apply to federal recognition of heterosexual marriage, not the part of the act that gives states the act to decide which marriages to respect. solicitor general and supreme court nominee elena kagan was involved with this and other doma cases. in the california case, the justice department indicated the obama administration believes doma to be
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discriminatory and supports the repeal. molly line, fox news. >> chris: pentagon spokesman is dismissing criticism from gay rights advocates that a survey asking troops of the possible reof the "don't ask, don't tell" policy is biased. gay groups say the questionnaire assumes troops do not want to serve with openly gay colleagues. press secretary jeff morrell told reporters the complaint was "nonsense." well, we'll tell you about a situation with sun, sand and water that is no day at the beach. the united nations takes a stand sort of on north korea's alleged sinking of a south korean warship.
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>> chris: checking world headlines. afghan forces in afghanistan
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captured the commander set to bring talibanny militants across the border to launch attacks. they are not identifying the man for security reasons. another aid ship may soon challenge the naval blockade of gaza. vessel commissioned by libyan charity set to sail from greece set to be carrying 2,000 tons of food and medical supplies. the israeli military would not comment. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will be my exclusive guest on "fox news sunday" this weekend. one of the topics we discussed, the timing for palestinian statehood. >> i think there can be a solution. it may be implemented over time, because time is an important factor of getting the solution both in terms of security arrangements, and other things that would be difficult if they are not allowed to take place over time. i think the kind of, can we have negotiated peace? yes. can it be implemented by
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2012? i think it will take longer than that. >> chris: north korea reversed itself and now wants to talk to the u.s. about sinking of a south korean warship in march. national correspondent steve centanni reports the success came after they weighed in. >> the council issued a statement condemning the attack in late march that caused the sinking of the south korean warship cheonan resulting in death of sailors. it condemns the attack and notes that the investigators found north korea to be responsible but only expresses "deep concern" over the finding without stating directly that north korea is to blame. >> this is the u.n. at its worst. no condemnation of north korea. >> even, so ambassador to the united nations welcomed the statement. >> the message to the north korean leadership is crystal clear.
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the security council condemns and deplores this attack. it warns against any further attack and insists on full adherence to the korean armistice agreement. >> reporter: the white house reacted saying the statement increases north korea's international isolation, as the international community continues to make clear the cost that comes with north korea provocative behavior. pressure from china apparently prevented the security council agreeing on language specifically blaming north korea. for 60 years, beijing and pyongyang have been the best of friends. by now we all should get the hint of what is going on. >> reporter: meantime, the circumstances surrounding the sinking of the cheonan are still in dispute. today, two south korean researchers, lee from university of virginia and su of john hopkins university announced in tokyo their own experiments do not support the international finding a north korean tornado sunk the cheonan but they offer no
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alternative explanation. today the pentagon is confirming north korea is now proposing military talks with the u.s. to discuss the sinking of the cheonan. an official here says the u.s. will be looking at that proposal and taking it under consideration. chris? >> chris: steve centanni reporting from the pentagon. steve, thank you. a terror group says one cable news channel is guilty of intellectual terrorism. plus, if you hate the vuvuzelas, and who doesn't, we have the perfect place for you to visit.
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>> chris: and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. in today's friday follow-up segment we update a story we've been tracking this week. the lebanese militant group hezbollah is now accusing cnn of intellectual terrorism, for firing a senior editor octavia nasr who pointed a message on the twitter account mourning the death of a person classified terrorist by the u.s. she then acknowledged the error in the tweet saying -- hezbollah says the network decision to fire her reflects the west double standard dealing with the mideast. cnn officials say nasr's credibility had been compromised. unpaid intern for colorado democratic senator
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michael bennett's campaign, this is an intern, has been fired for allegedly telling an acquaintance that a one-on-one meeting with the senator to discuss legislation could be arranged for $2,400. the "wall street journal" reports the 22-year-old college student also wrote in an e-mail that hosting an event for $5,000 or more would offer a better chance to lobby michael. and in world cup news, if you are sick and tired of the endless buzzing noise made by the south african vuvuzelas, you should head to the united arab emirates. that country's general authority of islamic affairs issued a fontua, religious edict banning them from the country if they exceed 100 decibels claiming they create unholy racket. paul the psychic octopus who hails from germany may need extra security for the championship final between spain and netherlands.
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the mollusk who predicted spain will win sunday is 6-6 so far in the world cup forecast. after he accurately predicted germany would defeat argentina in the quarterfinals, he received death threats from the angry argentines who threatened to eat him to get even. among unintended consequences of the new healthcare law is one that may give some people a new ailment. writers cramp from paperwork overload. chief white house correspondent jim angle explains. >> it will be an ownerous amount of record-keeping and lots of paper flying around. >> they are unhappy that the law will force them to file new documents, 1099 i.r.s. form on anyone whom they pay more than $600 over a year. swamping them with paperwork.
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>> the impact is oppressive and people are beginning to understand that. >> there are 90 cosponsors to repeal the provision to allow small business to keep running account of all purchases all year long from office supplies to the hardware store. >> there is no doubt in anybody's mind the small businesses, the charities, certified public accountants, all professionals know this will be a major burden. >> if it is such a burden, why require the new paperwork at all? theoretically, it brings in money. and democrats need money to make the healthcare bill look like it reviews the deficit. >> the major reason for new provision in healthcare reform is help offset the cost of healthcare. >> the i.r.s. makes many businesses don't report all their income and requiring the 1099s will flush out the $17 billion in unpaid taxes. the ombudsman for the i.r.s. known as the taxpayer advocate, raises all sorts of questions about the new law, saying this new requirement
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has generated a great deal of concern because of its potential to create administrative burdens for businesses, vendors and the i.r.s. the i.r.s. because if businesses are generating millions of new forms, the i.r.s. has to sort through them but got no money from congress to do it. >> the taxpayer advocate also questions whether the new requirement will generate enough unreported taxes to justify the burden. >> most professionals agree that it's going to cost small businesses and charities and even small governments more than $17 billion, a lot more to be able to produce paperwork. >> so just one provision of the new healthcare law will create big problems for the very sector of the economy that creates most of the jobs in america. in washington, jim angle, fox news. >> chris: for many people, few things are more relaxing than a walk on beach. but in some new jersey communities, instead of relaxing, it's a growing source of tension. correspondent laura ingle reports on a situation that is turning out to be no day
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at the beach. >> there are 127 miles of coastline in the state of new jersey. 85% is beach front property which will bring the garden state $40 billion in tourism revenue every year. there is a problem with public access along some stretches of the jersey shore, whether several beach town and homeowners tried to discourage visitors. >> they used no parking, access, fines, series of efforts to keep people from using the beach. >> state law says the area between the ocean and the high water mark is public property. so taxpayers as tourists demand access to the beach area, forcing the state to step in. the new jersey department of environmental protection has a new plan to improve the access allowing each town to make up its own rules. subject to the agency's approval. >> by giving them the flexibility, they can direct all their resources to one
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part of their town. or across the entire town. whenever makes sense for them. that's what we are looking for, the common sense approach to public access. >> reporter: but not everyone thinks that idea will work. >> towns will do the minimum, unless the state steps in and says no, you require to protect public access and required to do the right thing. >> mayor long beach township where there are tightly restricted beaches says he is on board. >> we really know what we need. no law fits every municipality. >> while there are no set date the common sense plan would go into effect but beach goers say they hope the access would improve soon, so they can enjoy every inch of the beaches. laura ingle, fox news. >> chris: where does the federal government go now that the ban on benefits for gay couples has been ruled unconstitutional? we'll ask our panel when we come right back.
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this judge has found that there is no reason whatsoever for marriage to be defined as a man and a woman. he's totally abrogated 10,000 years of recorded history for all the cultures and all societies. >> chris: strong reaction in massachusetts to a quart ruling against part -- court ruling against part of the defense of marriage act. bring in the panel to discuss it. bill kristol of "the weekly standard." erin billings from roll call and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. we had two rulings yesterday by a federal judge the defense of marriage act is unconstitutional and barring federal benefits for same-sex couples in the state of massachusetts where they can legally be married. bill, what do you make of the judge's decision? >> i believe a commentator said it, federal court can determine what marriage is
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for the purpose of this federal program. they're not barring massachusetts from permitting same-sex marriage or giving whatever benefit they want. the idea that the federal government has to defer to massachusetts in terms of who is eligible for social security is an odd judgment by the judge. >> chris: but, erin, picking up on the judge, federal judge joseph torro, he says doma reaches state sovereignty and says it's motivated by irrational prejudice, which, "never constitutes" a legitimate government interest. >> well, that is right. it's interesting because we have the states' rights issue rearing its head in this and progressives now advocates for state's rights which is something that the conservatives are really trumpeting. so, yes, an interesting ruling. anxious to see if and when the d.o.j. does appeal it. anxious to see if it changes the appeal.
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it could pick gay rights advocates to pick it up. >> some critics said it was as if the judge in the case said you like the tenth amendment, i'll give you the tenth amendment. >> well, if you will give it, i'll take it. in fact, i think it is's rather hypocritical that a judge will invoke it. but that is one of the theme of conservative philosophy, that is the tenth amendment has been completely overlooked, what it says essentially is anything not enumerated, not specially, specifically handed to the jurisdiction of the federal government that belongs to the people of the state. it's rally cry of the tea party movement among others. so if he wants to invoke it here, i might want to take a hit for the team, because obama care won't stand a minute of scrutiny under the tenth amendment analysis. obama care which mandates that an individual in a country has to enter into a private contract with an
4:44 am
insurer on healthcare, and withstand the ten eth amendment. so look, i'm sure it will be overturned, "a" because of what was said earlier, a judge is not the one who rules on high, what is irrational prejudice and what is rational social policy. it has been the policy, civilized states for thousands of years to have a man and a woman. so it will be overruled on two counts. if he wants to give us the tenth amendment, i'll take it. >> chris: two more issues i want to get into quickly with regard to this. one is meanwhile, while this is going on in massachusetts, federal judge in california, bill, is considering a challenge to proposition 8, which voters in california passed last november to define marriage as that between a man and a woman. when you look at what is going on in massachusetts and what is going on in california, where do you see the legal future of same-sex marriage? >> i think there are a lot of judges that would like to take this in their own hand and do what the political
4:45 am
branches and the voters are unwilling to do, legislate same-sex marriage for the country or most states in the country. i think it will be a big issue in 2012. the defense of marriage act was passed by congress in 1996, signed by president clinton. democratic president and democratic congress. if they want to change the same-sex marriage act or amend it then benefits will flow to both member of the marriage, social security, et cetera, they can amend it. if the voter of california want to referendum on same-sex marriage -- the conservative will rally that the judges have a much more limited role and the matters should be decided democratically. >> chris: bill talked about 2012, we have an election sooner than that. also, in 2004, how potent the issue of gay marriage can be, whether it's to ban it or not on several state ballots. do you think it could be a voting issue in november? >> gay rights issues have been in the past and they were in 2006. a lot of the democrats and
4:46 am
republicans use them in the campaign. certainly it could. it will also come up again in elena kagan's supreme court, not the hearing but the debate on senate floor when she goes up for confirmation. i think it will be part of the bait. will it be a defining issue? i tend not to think so. >> chris: less than a minute. charles? >> i think republicans want to take a principled stand on grounds of federalism, as bill indicates. if a state is going to adopt it and it does it by referendum or the legislature, it ought to be respected. if it's a judge as in massachusetts, a ruling of a 4-3 majority of the high court. i think that is truly legitimate, if undemocratic. i don't want to see it undone in the state like california where it passed, where a ban on it was approved by referendum. judges ought to stay out of this. same way we learned lesson on abortion. we don't want the court
4:47 am
ruling for the whole country. let each state decide according to its own societal norms and habits. >> chris: all right. we have to leave it there. the people have spoken on our home page at on which topic should lead the friday lightning round. we'll reveal your winner when we return. cccccccccccccccccccccc
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♪ ♪ >> chris: every week on the page, viewers vote on what topic we should discuss first during the friday lightning round and today -- this is getting a little bit repetitive -- yep, charles wild card. not that it in any way diminishes your triumph, charles, but would you like to share some thoughts with us? >> yes. let me say once again i'm humbled by the confidence of
4:51 am
the viewers. the wild card question for the week is what the most underrepo underreported story? the correct answer is in aspen this week, this ambassador of the united arab emirates said that he not only supports but almost invites, welcomes, demands a u.s. attack on the iranian nuclear facilities, because he says it's impossible to imagine living in deterrents or containments on iran and says without nukes it's still aggressive and cannot be contained and he speaks for a lot of arab states saying that but he said it openly and publicly. >> chris: erin? >> i'll take a different tact. this is shocking for charles. i think the most-underreported story is that jim traficant cannot make a comeback and will not be on the ballot in november. former democratic house member just got out of prison. why? because everybody cared about lebron james moving to the heat. cleveland, ohio, lost two --
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>> giants. >> two huge figures. >> well, actually, i think they're batting .500. in any case, i know you thought the underreported story was lebron james. other than that. >> other than that giant, lebron james. last night in portland, oregon, vice president joe biden went to a fundraiser for freshman congressman in kurt schraeder who is a bitter critic for war of afghanistan and voted to cut off funding to the troops. and vice president joe biden serves under president obama who committed troops to afghanistan and made a big deal about winning the war there said to congressman schraeder i encourage you, old buddy to speak out. really wonderful that the vice president encouraging undermine of the president's war policy. >> chris: subject two, the obama administration went to court in louisiana this week for the second time, now trying to reinstate the six-month moratorium on deepwater drilling which was thrown out by another court. they failed again.
4:53 am
groundly and swiftly rebuffed. your thoughts? >> it's being delayed, the hear willing be delayed until the end of august. if you do the calculations, in the end, the moratorium will expire by the time the government has lost all of its appeal. the government will win because no one will be drilling knowing that another hearing is coming up. >> chris: erin? >> i agree. i think it's a moot point. i don't think any of the companies are anxious to start doing any deep water drilling in the gulf given the circumstances, given what is going on. so i'm not sure if the moratorium really matters at this point. >> it is stunning that it's been defeated by two judges so quickly, and so roundly and strongly, vo sippously.
4:54 am
>> we're losing jobs as a result. obama administration general attitude toward contract and rule is there is an oil spill so we'll reverse the moratorium, but you don't have a law to do that. >> unless appeals are exhausted no one will drill. >> chris: we can't ignore what was the biggest story this week and i made reference to it before; that was, the decision of lebron james, where to play basketball and be paid tens of millions of dollars. what do you make with the spectacle and the fascination, it was the biggest story and most watched television show last night on cable or broadcast and what do you make of his choice? s>> again, i'm out of touch again with the american public. when root against the miami heat, like i do against the yankees and the teams to buy up all the talent.
4:55 am
>> chris: that's it? >> that's it. >> chris: what do you make of the fact we cared about it so much? >> basketball is a popular sport and one of the two greatest basketball players playing today. and there is suspense. people didn't have much else to do last night. >> chris: erin? >> sports is business and it's also emotional. you know, everybody likes to have someone to hate and everyone likes to have someone to love. clearly people in cleveland, they got someone to hate right now. >> look, lebron is not the first man to abandon his high school sweetheart in favor of a combly model walking down south beach. but he is the first to announce in a primetime special on television. i follow paul simons advice "50 ways to leave your lover" slip out the back, jack, leave the key leave, don't be coy, roy. catch yourself free.
4:56 am
he won't be hated if he does that. >> chris: well, incidentally, the owner of the cleveland cavaliers roasted him. roasted him. that's it for panel but stay tuned to see a fan's reaction when a player goes into the stands.
4:57 am
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4:59 am
excited about heros, turns out it isn't just lebron. >> lean in and just come up a little bit shy. [ laughter ] >> he was almost in her lap. [ laughter ] , that's great. >> chris: that's the way we al


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